the collectible card game from the future

With Karobi, you can bring the fight into your world using augmented reality. Battle your friends, participate in tournaments, and claim real world locations as you fight to become the next champion of Karobi.

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Customize your characters with new skins, abilities, and more

As a player, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your favorite characters in many different ways. Change their entire look with a new skin or upgrade their abilities to change their fighting styles.

elevate your game to new heights with our booster packs

Purchase a booster pack to enhance your game. Inside you’ll find a random assortment of redeemable cards containing unlockable content such as new characters, abilities, weapons, and more!

complete quests, join factions, and claim real world location as your own

Earn achievements and unlockables by completing quests and winning battles in specific areas. Join a faction to claim real-world locations as your own to help your team dominate the world of Karobi.

Explore a new world of endless possibilities

The story takes place in the simulated reality world of Karobi where participants become android-like beings called Paladins. As a Paladin, players spend their time battling, completing quests, and upgrading themselves in preparation for the Proelium - an annual knock out tournament featuring the strongest Paladins in Karobi. Do you have what it takes to become the next champion?

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